Southwest Child Development Center ——- Safe, Clean Quality Child Care & Preschool

830 SW 31st St. Oklahoma City, OK 73109 – (405) 631-1466 se habla español – We are a 2 Star rated center with an exceptional Preschool Program

2’s, 3’s & 4’s Pre School Program

For children in our two, three and four year old programs, play is work and work is play!

Developmentally, they are ready to learn the basics of language, music, art, science, math

and social development… that means reading stories, learning letters and numbers, painting,

singing, dancing and asking a thousand different questions all beginning with “why?”.

Here, our daily activities include morning group activities, a hot lunch served

in our Center dining room, outside play and activities.  Each month we will

post on our website home page the themes for each week so that you can join in

at home teaching your child.

Southwest also offers a prekindergarten program Mon – Fri 9-11 am, which is open to any

child preparing to enter kindergarten.  Through the pre-k program we begin introducing

children to the classroom.  Each child has an assigned seat and his or her own supplies.

Our school day begins with the Pledge of Allegiance.