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Infant Care

infants swcdc

Your baby’s needs are few but essential.  A dry bottom, a full tummy and lots of hugs are the foundation of the care we provide for infants birth to ten months.  At Southwest Child Development Center, we care for your infant as we would our own.

We’ve done our best to create an environment that looks and feels like home, with individual cribs for each infant, rocking chairs, carpeted floors and windows in each room for a bright sunshine feeling.

We make sure your child’s environment is clean!  Crib sheets are changed daily, all toys and equipment are disinfected daily and caregivers use strict sanitation procedures for all diaper changing and feeding.

Our days are spent much as they are in any home with a new baby… feeding, burping, changing diapers, rocking and watching as they sleep.  Just as importantly, we pay special attention to your baby’s unique needs… to developing motor skills and helping your baby explore the sights, sounds, tastes and textures of the world.